Citi Bike Workers Join Transport Workers Union Local 100 in an Effort to Seek Better Wages

The union for bus and subway workers in New York City, Transport Workers Union Local 100, secured the right to represent employees of the CIti Bike program.

The union has developed enough support within the ranks of Citi Bike workers that the program’s operators chose to accept the union’s representation instead of forcing a vote to unionize, officials said.

“We view bike sharing as an another important mode of public transit,” Local 100 President John Samuelsen said. “We fully intend to throw our energy and political support behind expanding these bike-sharing systems and ensuring they are designed in a way to support existing transportation networks.”

NYC Bike Share, which operates the Citi Bike program for the city Department of Transportation, signed an agreement to recognize Local 100 as the employees’ labor organization. Citi Bike employees approximately 200 bicycle mechanics, dispatchers, call center operators and technicians.

Union organizers were motivated by a desire for better wages and for more regular schedules. The union will help give workers a voice in the direction Citi Bike is going.

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