Common Law Firm Misconceptions

I’ll just be a number to a large firm… While we can’t speak for all law firms, Fine Olin & Anderman, LLP (FOA) has managed to grow in size without losing sight of the ideals that the firm was built upon. In 1963 the firm started as a small law practice in New York City representing union members and their families. In the last fifty plus years the hard work and dedication of Fine, Olin and Anderman attorneys and staff has allowed the firm to grow to over 100 attorneys and support staff in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The driving force behind the firm’s growth was and is reputation and referrals. We pride ourselves on the diligent service we have provided our clients, and trust that our track record says it all.

The advent of technology creates a less personal experience… The truth is every case and every client is different, while some claims are handled swiftly, others require more time and patience. Waiting is often the hardest part, which is why we offer clients the ability to access their file online 24-7. This feature often helps to ease the mind of our clients and keeps them informed as to how the case is progressing. It’s important to note this feature is an “add on,” you will still have an attorney and legal team dedicated to your case.

It’s too late to file a claim for an overlooked injury… Fine Olin & Anderman attorneys have years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases. Often times in workers’ compensation cases the symptoms of work related injury, such as hearing loss or lung issues are not initially present.

If you begin to recognize symptoms that may be related to a work injury or workplace condition, contact a Fine Olin & Anderman attorney at (855) 311-5639 for a free case evaluation today.