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Is Your Job Making You Sick?

Researchers at Stanford & Harvard recently conducted a study into how stressful work conditions, such as unpredictable hours, unreliable management and unreasonable job demands affect workers health. According to the study, which was published in “Behavioral Science & Policy” some workplace stressors do in fact negatively affect employee’s health. Most of the stressors sited are […]

Common Law Firm Misconceptions

I’ll just be a number to a large firm… While we can’t speak for all law firms, Fine Olin & Anderman, LLP (FOA) has managed to grow in size without losing sight of the ideals that the firm was built upon. In 1963 the firm started as a small law practice in New York City […]

Lower Back Pain – a Cause of Work-Related Disability Around the World

A study from the University of Sydney finds that lower back pain (LBP) is a significant cause of work-related disability all over the world. LBP affected 26% of the global population in 2010, and varied considerably with age, gender and region. Researchers’ goal was to measure the burden arising from LBP due to occupational exposure […]