Construction Worker Receives $3,500,000 in addition to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

New York requires owners and general contractors to provide safety devices that protect all workers on a construction site who are working from a height from falling. When they fail to do so, they are fully responsible to the injured worker for all the damages they cause. That is precisely what happened to our client who was putting up sheet rock at a construction site in the Bronx. Our client was given only a 6 foot scaffold and an extension ladder to put sheet rock 20 feet above the ground. His supervisor instructed him to put the extension ladder on top of the six foot ladder. As he was climbing up the ladder, the scaffold moved causing him to fall 15 feet to the hard concrete floor below. Since he was working at the time, we initially filed a Workers’ Compensation claim against his employer. The WC claim was handled by Partner Vincent Rossillo. In addition to obtaining full WC benefits, we also filed a claim against both the owner and the general contractor of the job site for failing to provide an adequate safety device. As a result of the fall, our client suffered an injury to his ankle and back, both of which required surgery. At jury selection, Trial Attorney Gustavo Alzugary and Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein were able to negotiate a $3,500,000 settlement.