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The Power of a Workers’ Compensation Appeal: FOA Claimant Receives $30K Award & Continued Payments

Our attorneys appealed a September 2016 Workers’ Compensation decision for client William.  William was classified as having a Permanent Partial Disability and was required by the September decision to produce evidence of a work search before Workers’ Compensation benefits could be made. Our attorneys appealed the September decision and argued that a recent change by […]

Bronx Jury Finds for CWA Worker After Car Crash – Verdict $350,000

It was a routine drive back to the Verizon shop on Westchester Ave in the Bronx after a service call when a distracted driver crashed into the side of our clients service truck.   At first, he thought he would be fine, but the pain got worse and worse.  Eventually, he needed surgery to his neck.  […]

General Contractor Held Accountable For Unsafe Place To Work by Sub-Contractor – $850,000 Settlement

General contractors must provide a safe place to work for all sub-contractors. If one sub-contractor leaves a dangerous condition at the construction site and another sub-contractor is hurt, then both the general contractor and the sub-contractor who created the dangerous condition are accountable for the damages caused. Iron workers cannot leave angle irons lying around […]