Cuomo Urges DHS, DOT to Strengthen Rail Safety

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo called on federal officials to strengthen regulations for rail safety following frequent derailments carrying crude oil over the last year.

“I am deeply troubled by the pattern of incidents involving the rail transportation of crude oil, from major accidents in 2013 to two minor derailments in New York this week,” Cuomo wrote in a letter to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

New York is a major city that crude oil is transported through and the Governor is looking out for the safety of our community. As a result, Cuomo is requesting that the federal government expedite rail safety reforms. His requests include strengthening the regulations on tank car safety, which would require the reporting of derailments when crude oil is involved. The federal government is also asked to increase inspections along the network in which crude oil is shipped.

Two incidents occurred in upstate New York just last week when two trains carrying crude oil derailed, off-loading the material.

The department is asked to institute regulations that would require railroads to report an accident involving crude oil within one hour of the incident, more clearly indicate that a train is carrying the crude oil, and add it to the Homeland Security’s list of hazardous materials.