OSHA Issues 2014 Inspection Plan to Reduce Injuries and Illnesses at High-Hazard Workplaces

OSHA has issued its annual inspection plan under the Site-Specific Targeting 2014 program to ensure workplaces with high rates of injury and illness are enforcing resources to protect their workers.

The SST program is one of OSHA’s main programmed inspection plans for high-hazard, non construction workplaces that have 20 or more workers.

The SST plan is based on data collected from a survey of 80,000 establishments in high-hazard industries. “By focusing our inspection resources on employers in high-hazard industries who endanger their employees, we can prevent injuries and illnesses and save lives,” said Dr. David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health. OSHA is conducting a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

OSHA will also implement both national and local emphasis inspection programs, which include programmed inspections, to target high-risk hazards and industries.

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Source: HR.BLR.com