Fatal Factory Worker Accident in Upstate, New York

The New Year had a tragic start at a Tonawanda, NY Coke factory. Paramedics responded to an emergency call at the facility the morning of January 6th, 2016.

According to authorities the fatal incident occurred when a 60-year-old worker was lubricating gears on an industrial elevator. Due to reasons unknown the man was pulled into the machinery where he sustained deadly injuries.

The victim’s employers, Tonawanda Coke, is said to be cooperating with local and federal officials in their investigation.

OSHA is also conducting an investigation. January marks the two year mark of an explosion at the Coke facility that injured three workers. The facility has been issued a number of fines and penalties throughout the years for various safety and even criminal violations.

Learn more about recent OSHA regulations designed to better document workplace injuries and ultimately reduce the likelihood of incidents like what occurred at the Tonawanda factory on January 6th:

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