FOA Successfully Combats Misconduct Case for Long Time Union Employee

FOA has recently secured a decision from the American Arbitration Association that found a 14 year union member as not having been guilty of the acts of misconduct alleged against him.

At issue was whether the member’s requests for reimbursement for travel expenses incurred in 2016 were fraudulent. The arbitrator’s decision was based primarily on the fact that the employer provided no evidence that the member was not performing his work duties when the travel expenses were incurred. Furthermore, the arbitrator highlighted the fact that the employer had given the member significant latitude in performing his duties.  The Employer also failed to give the member prior notice that his reimbursement requests were now going to be scrutinized and that s/he needed to provide increased documentation. Based on that, the arbitrator imposed no penalty on the member and returned him to work without imposing any sanction.


Written/Submitted by Maulik Sharma, Esq.