New “Cancer Bill” for NY State Volunteer Firefighters Goes Into Effect

New York State has nearly 100,000 Volunteer Firefighters.  They have been trying to get a “Cancer Bill” passed for many years and it was finally  passed by Governor Cuomo on January 1, 2019.

The bill is a gap insurance policy and is paid for by local taxpayers.  Every volunteer fire department is required to carry this policy for all of its members.  The policy provides tax-free disability and death benefits to volunteers with five years of service if they’re diagnosed with specific cancers.  Until January 1, only Paid Firefighters in New York had a cancer coverage benefit.

The “Cancer Bill'” will provide New York State’s Volunteer Firefighters with an additional level of health coverage and support.  If you are a New York State Volunteer Firefighter and have a question about a line of duty related injury/illness,  please contact FOA to discuss benefit eligibility.