Information Every Worker Should Know About Independent Medical Examinations: Part One

FOA has been committed to advocating for employees since its start in 1963. In this 3 part blog, you will find information regarding medical examinations in the workplace. The data is from the New York State Compensation board.

The claimant must receive notice of the scheduled independent medical examination at least seven business days prior to such examination.
The notice must advise the claimant if the practitioner intends to record or videotape the examination.
If the examination was requested by the claimant, the claimant may be responsible for the cost of the examination, and the health provider must indicate on the notice of examination the actual fee or the fee range for the examination.
All independent medical examinations shall be performed in medical facilities suitable for such exam, with due regard and respect for the privacy and dignity of the injured worker/claimant.
Examination facilities must be provided in a safe, convenient and accessible location within a reasonable distance from the claimant’s residence.
Examinations will be held during regular business hours, except with the consent and for the convenience of the claimant.

Source: NYS Workers’ Compensation Board