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Governor Cuomo Demands Fair Working Conditions

On Monday, August 10th Governor Cuomo announced salon owners will be required to obtain a wage bond within the next 60 days. Those who do not will face penalties and fines, even possible closure. The New Wage Bond Requires: A trainee program Free registration for unlicensed workers Wage bond minimums depending on the number of […]

Information Every Worker Should Know About Independent Medical Examinations: Part One

FOA has been committed to advocating for employees since its start in 1963. In this 3 part blog, you will find information regarding medical examinations in the workplace. The data is from the New York State Compensation board. The claimant must receive notice of the scheduled independent medical examination at least seven business days prior […]

NYC Nail Salon Day of Action

On Thursday, May 21nd a “nail salon day of action” was planned and implemented in NYC. Government officials and volunteers joined together to provide educational resources for New York City nail salon employees. The movement was planned after a New York Times article was published exposing the deplorable working situations many nail salon employee’s face […]

Retailors Who Force Employee’s to Stay “On Call” Face Attorney General

The Attorney General’s Office addressed several multinational companies, including JcPenny, the Gap, Urban Outfitters, and TJX Companies with letters demanding scheduling documentation. The said companies, and various others, are under scrutiny for implementing “on call scheduling”, which forces employees to clear their schedule in the event they are called into work. The employees in these […]