Linen Workers Complain of Inhumane Conditions

Employees at a Port Morris cleaning service that delivers linens to some of the city’s fanciest, most expensive hotels say they are continuing to be underpaid and are being threatened while being subject to a dangerous work environment.

Workers at Carnegie Linen complain that they are not being granted paid time off while recovering from injuries sustained while on the job. Workers are also saying they are not being paid for the overtime they have worked and are frequently transferred to different jobs in the factory, only to find out that their pay has been cut. In addition, the workers stated that the owner, Gary Perlson, intimidates and threatens workers.

Current and former workers have made similar allegations about the company and its two sister firms, Danielle Uniforms and Valet Services. Workers complain that the union, Local 1964, is ineffective.

In 2009, Perlson pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for flinging coffee in the face of an employee who was leading a push for employees to join Workers United.

A coalition of unions has launched Clean NYC, a campaign developed to ensure linen and laundry workers who serve of the city’s richest hotels are treated fairly.

Source: Mott Haven Herald