Outdoor Workers Have a Higher Than Average Risk of Developing Skin Cancer

The risk of skin cancer becomes greater with increasing amounts of exposure to the sun. It’s a fact that more men than women die of skin cancer and workers in the construction sector are 6 times more likely to develop skin cancer than the general population.

UV rays are dangerous and contain carcinogens. They can pass through loosely woven clothing and cannot be seen or felt. Believe it or not, UV rays do pass through clouds and can reflect off of surfaces such as metal, concrete and even water.

As soon as the UV index reaches 3, you need to be protected. This doesn’t mean the sun has to be is shining.

5 Simple Steps for Sun Safety for Outdoor Workers

1.    Slip on some protective clothing: Clothing is one of the most effective barriers to UV rays.
2.    Put some SPF30 or higher on: Apply to dry skin 15-20 minutes before heading outside and reapply every 2-3 hours.
3.    Put a hat on: Broad-brimmed with ear and neck protection is best.
4.    Purchase some sunglasses: Wrap-around glasses are best and will protect your eyes.
5.    Find some shade when possible: It’s important to take breaks and find some shade when you can.

It’s important to check yourself for unusual spots or moles on your body. If you notice a change in color, size or sensation, seek medical attention immediately.

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