The Most Dangerous Cities in New York State

A social media website, released a list of the top 10 most dangerous cities in New York State.

The rankings were based on five factors: the number of law enforcement officers, violent crime rates, property crime rates, the number of registered sex offenders, and the percentage of population enrolled in health care.

#10: Auburn

Auburn, New York was ranked #10 after being declared the first in registered sex offenders, which is quite worrisome in such a small city. They have had a problem finding housing for homeless sex offenders, and are trying to find a more permanent residence for them than emergency housing.

#9: Binghamton

Binghamton, New York was ranked #9 for its high crime rate. The crime rate is actually on the rise in this city and has increased by nearly 29% from 2012-2014. They ranked sixth in property crime and programs such as Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) are very active in this city.

#8: Albany

The capitol of New York ranked #8. It is probably the most diverse city in the top 10. However, even with that and a wide array of things to do in this city, Albany has ranked ninth and tenth in violent crime and property crime. Police have been taking steps to curb crime, one of which has been parking mobile command centers on problem streets.

#7: Jamestown

Jamestown, New York ranked #7 on this list due to their ranking on registered sex offenders per capita. They ranked #2 in this category. Organizations such as Parents for Megan’s Law are working to prevent sexual abuse in this city.

#6: Buffalo

Buffalo, New York has the second highest rate of violent crime and fourth highest for property crime. Last year, the mayor introduced Buffalo Peacemakers Gang Intervention Program in an effort to curtail a recent string of homicides related to gang violence.

#5: Gloversville

Gloversville, New York is the smallest city in the top 10 but finds itself has having the shortest-staffed law enforcement of any city on the list. They also had the lowest violent crime rate.

#4: Rochester

Rochester, New York has a history of mafia involvement. The city has a high crime rate overall, in particular ranking fifth in violent crime. However, programs such as Roc the Peace are hoping to curb violence in the area.

#3: Newburgh

Newburgh, New York was ranked third due to the city’s reputation or gang problems and violence. In fact, it is referred to as “the murder capital of New York”. The city’s ranking first in violent crime supports that statement. Thankfully, steps are being taken to curtail violence in the area. The local Habitat for Humanity recently built two homes along one of its worst streets, East Parmenter Street.

#2: Schenectady

Schenectady, New York, not far from the state capitol, has one of the highest crime rates of any city in the area. But a group known as Stand Up Guys are putting an effort to curb domestic violence in the city. The city also ranked fourth in sex offender occurrences, and sixth in violent crimes.

#1: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, New York is listed as the most dangerous city in New York State, according to this list. The city has a reputation for being crime-ridden. From its history of mafia involvement during Prohibition to its current problems with gun violence, the city has had many problems with crime. Programs such as SNUG are working to promote more community involvement in underdeveloped areas. The city has ranked first in property crime.