The Power of a Workers’ Compensation Appeal: FOA Claimant Receives $30K Award & Continued Payments

Our attorneys appealed a September 2016 Workers’ Compensation decision for client William.  William was classified as having a Permanent Partial Disability and was required by the September decision to produce evidence of a work search before Workers’ Compensation benefits could be made.

Our attorneys appealed the September decision and argued that a recent change by the Workers’ Compensation Board relieves the claimant of the requirement to produce proof of a work search once they are classified with a PPD. The Workers’ Compensation Board Panel modified the September decision by stating that the claimant does not need to submit a work search record and set the case down for a hearing to determine the proper awards.

At a hearing on January 10, 2018, FOA Attorney Robert Seidner argued, before the same Judge who denied the initial award, that the claimant should be awarded compensation. The Judge entered the compensation award going back to January 2016 resulting in an award of over $30k to the claimant and continued weekly payments, with no direction to produce a work search.

As Robert Seidner’s January 2018 hearing demonstrates, FOA prides itself on being an advocate for clients and will appeal an unfavorable decision in order to secure a client their just benefits.  FOA’s mantra is to service the legal needs of injured workers and help them overcome the adverse effects of a workplace accident.

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