Protect Yourself from Burns in the Workplace

Some jobs require workers to work in extremely dangerous conditions that put them at high risk of serious burns. Whether you work with chemicals or food, it’s important to follow safety precautions in order to ensure you don’t suffer from a serious burn at work:

1.    Where the proper safety gear: this may be gloves, shoes, masks, or other clothing. Make sure you are following the safety rules and regulations of your job.
2.    Avoid contact with dangerous chemicals: if working with chemicals, avoid contact with dangerous ones – learn about each chemical and the dangers associated with them.
3.    Never take shortcuts: it can be extremely dangerous if you take shortcuts at work to buy time if you work with high-heat or chemicals. Follow all safety procedures and take caution.
4.    Read the manual/follow a safety guide: make sure you read the manual before operating any new machinery/equipment or read the safety guide associated with the work you will be performing.
5.    If necessary, get treatment immediately: if you have been burned, seek treatment immediately. Notify your supervisor and always consider a burn to be serious, even if it doesn’t look serious right away.

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