Red-light Cameras Guarding Albany’s Intersections

Think twice before you run a red light in Albany, NY. The city has begun placing red light cameras at key intersections throughout Albany. Once all of the cameras are installed there will be 2-3 dozen cameras throughout the city. Drivers caught running red lights will receive a $50.00 ticket in the mail.

Albany officials are following suit with other cities across the country who have used cameras to reduce the number of traffic violations and crashes.

According to Police Chief, Brendan Cox, “Each year, too many families are affected by intersection crashes caused by red light running. Sadly, the victims are often occupants of other vehicles and even pedestrians who happen to be in the intersection…” he goes on to say, “Our police officers cannot enforce traffic laws everywhere, all the time. But the new cameras will help us extend our efforts, keeping intersection safer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the entire system will be funded by violators.”

If you’re making a right on red, be sure it is permitted in the intersection, and come to a complete stop before proceeding.

To learn more about the camera’s and red light regulations, click here.