Governor Cuomo Demands Fair Working Conditions

On Monday, August 10th Governor Cuomo announced salon owners will be required to obtain a wage bond within the next 60 days. Those who do not will face penalties and fines, even possible closure.

The New Wage Bond Requires:

A trainee program
Free registration for unlicensed workers
Wage bond minimums depending on the number of hours worked by salon employees and number of workers employed by the salon

The Governor is also requiring personal protective equipment and ventilation, a health review of chemical agents, and the Bill of Rights clearly posted and visible to all employees.

Governor Cuomo will also focus efforts on other industries throughout New York State. He has assembled a task force which will target industries based on a number of factors; including those with the highest rates of employer noncompliance, industries where workers may be fearful of coming forward, dangerous occupations, and percentage of immigrant workers.

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