Safety Advocates Demand Responsible Contractors at Brooklyn Bridge Park & Watchtower Development Sites

Build Up President Gary LaBarbera and NYC Public Advocate Letitia James pointed fingers at Starwood Capital Group for allegedly using irresponsible sub-contractors in their development of condos and hotels in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The two also targeted Kushner Companies, developing the Watchtower properties in DUMBO, for refusing to comply with advocates’ demands.

LaBarbera claims that Starwood does not use responsible contractors or subcontractors on its Pier 1 development in Brooklyn Bridge Park. In addition, the Kushner Companies have not made a commitment to use responsible contractors for all of the construction work for their big project.

Two workers were injured in the last two months at a Starwood construction project in Manhattan.

Build Up NYC says that Kushner “has refused to commit to hiring only responsible construction, operations and maintenance contractors who provide industry standard wages, benefits and training for all phases of this project including the $100 million renovation.”

“The developers have not made any commitment to create good jobs for Brooklyn residents with these projects,” Public Advocate James said. “Brooklyn needs good jobs, real affordable housing, and a strong middle class. Starwood and Kushner have benefited — it’s now time that Brooklyn residents benefit as well.”

While the city and state pension funds, which have invested in the project, have Responsible Contractor Policies that require fair wages and benefits, Starwood has hired subcontractor Hudson Meridian, with a long history of noncompliance and a trail of lawsuits.

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