There Have Been 100 Traffic Fatalities in NYC in 2014

As of March 19th, 2014, there were 45 traffic deaths that occurred in NYC this year alone. Now, about 10 weeks later, there have been 100 traffic fatalities.

49 of those deaths have been pedestrians. Out of those, at least 23 were  killed while crossing the street, while 6 were killed after being struck by drivers who were backing up. At least one of these individuals died from jumping out of a truck.

5 cyclists were killed, including one by an MTA bus. 32 drivers were killed, while 13 passengers have died. 84 of those were adults and at least 6 were children.

34 deaths occurred in Brooklyn; 33 in Queens; 17 in Manhattan; 11 in the Bronx; and 5 on Staten Island.

Mayor de Blasio’s ambitious Vision Zero plan is to eliminate traffic fatalities in NYC by the year 2024. So far, his efforts have included lowering the speed limit in certain areas, getting new speed cameras, audio campaigns, improving dangerous intersections, and sending cops out for speeding crackdowns.

Last year, NYC saw 286 traffic fatalities. We aren’t far behind that this year.

NYC Council has passed a parcel of 11 bills aimed at improving Vision Zero. That includes measures on revoking the licenses of dangerous cabbie, charging drivers who hit a pedestrian or cyclist, banning motorcycle tricks and racing, urging the TLC to report all cab-related crashes, ensuring that DOT quickly repairs busted traffic signals, and more.

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