Tips for Driving at Night and in Bad Weather

With winter in full swing, night driving can be extremely dangerous in treacherous weather. Check out these simple safety tips for safe winter driving at night:

• Slow down gradually and drive at a speed that suits the conditions – take it slower than normal.

• Make sure the full lighting system on your vehicle is turned on.

• Use your low-beam headlights in bad weather. High beams reflect off the moisture droplets in the flow, making it harder to see.

• Use fog lights if you have them on your vehicle, in addition to your low beams.

• Be patient. Avoid passing other cars. Especially never pass snow plows or sand trucks.

• Keep your distance. In poor winter weather, you will need more distance to brake safely.

• Look and listen for hazards ahead.

• Reduce all distractions in your vehicle! Turn the radio off, put your phone on silent, keep the kids as calm as possible.

• Look as far ahead as possible.

• Be aware of deer and other animals that may jump out onto the road unexpectedly.

• Keep windows and mirrors clean – always keep extra windshield washer fluid in your trunk.

• Keep an emergency kit handy with flares, towels, water, jumper cables, etc.

• If fog and other inclement weather is too much to handle, pull over immediately and wait it out at a hotel or take a break in a rest area.

Safe travels this winter!