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Rail Services Co. Fined by OSHA After Firing Injured Worker

A Rail Services Company based in Missouri was recently issued a $332,469 fine. According to OSHA the company harassed and terminated an employee after the technician reported a work-related injury which is a violation of federal laws. It’s an employee’s right to report work related injuries. Doing so helps to reduce the likelihood that other […]

OSHA Issues New Directive to Keep Communication Tower Workers Safe

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has updated its Communication Tower directive regarding the use of hoist systems used to move workers to and from workstations on communication towers. The movement follows a dramatic increase in preventable injuries and fatalities in the industry. More fatalities involving communication tower workers occurred in 2013 than in the […]

OSHA Held Meeting on Occupational Safety and Health for Temp Workers

OSHA scheduled a meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health’s Temporary Workers Workgroup. The workgroup met to continue its discussion of issues regarding protecting temporary workers and develop recommendations for NACOSH’s consideration. The issues include gaps in the workplace protection for temporary workers, differences between temporary workers and contract workers and […]

Failure to Provide Fall Protection Resulted in Construction Worker’s Death

Following the death of construction worker Kyle Brown, 23, the U.S. DOL’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration found that his employer, Watertown-based general construction contractor MTL Design, Inc., failed to provide adequate fall protection safeguards that would have prevented his death. OSHA has cited the company for a willful and a serious violation. The fatality […]

All Workplaces in NYS Should Have Injury and Illness Prevention Programs

In a report released on May 6, a watchdog group Public Citizen stated that NYS should change its workers’ compensation regulation to require all private-sector employers to use workplace safety and loss prevention programs. Workplace injuries in NY’s private-sector cost the state economy approximately $11 billion over the past 2 years, according to the report. […]

OSHA Takes a Closer Look at the Most Dangerous Job in America

Last August, four workers died from falls on cell towers across the country. Before the end of 2013, a worker in Kansas fell to his death from a tower. Then, in early February 2014, two workers were killed and two more were hospitalized when two cell towers collapsed in West Virginia. Following these deadly accidents, […]

The 10 Most Cited Safety Standards of 2013

2013 left us with plenty of workplace citations that occurred across North America, but some were more prevalent than others due to their common occurrence across various industries along with their high-risk of danger. OSHA has cited the following 10 as the most common problems in the workplace of 2013: 1.    Fall Protection: Fall protection […]

OSHA Warns Companies after Rise in Cellphone Tower Deaths

OSHA has recently stated that cellphone tower contractors and the companies that hire them need to strictly comply with safety standards. The warning letter followed an increase in just the past year in fatalities among tower climbers, a job once called the most dangerous in the U.S. The agency is concerned about the possibility of […]

13 AT&T Workers Suspended for Reporting Workplace Injuries

13 AT&T workers were suspended without pay for reporting workplace injuries, which has prompted a lawsuit by the U.S. Department of Labor. The department filed the lawsuit against the Ohio Bell Telephone Company, which operates as AT&T, on behalf of 13 employees who received unpaid suspension after reporting work-related injuries from 2011 to 2013. “It […]