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Construction Work is Getting More Dangerous & Deadly, But Only for Latinos

The risk of dying on the job has increased for Latino construction workers in the recent years, according to a BuzzFeed News analysis. The fatality rate among Latino construction workers rose by 5% after the housing bust bottomed out in 2010. Between 2010 and 2013, the number of fatalities among Latinos in the construction industry […]

Are Occupational Injuries Under-Reported?

The federal government may seriously be undercounting the number of occupational injuries that occur each year, according to some researchers. Michigan State University’s Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine reports that in 2012, there were 86% more work-related skull fractures in Michigan than were reported by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. BLS said in 2012, […]

Reports of Worker Fatalities During Flowback Operations

There is very little published data regarding occupational health hazards during oil and gas extraction operations. NIOSH request assistance from oil and gas stakeholders in further characterizing risks for chemical exposures during flowback operations and develop and implement exposure controls. NIOSH has learned that several worker fatalities have been related to flowback operations through media […]

Workplace Safety Extends to Company Vehicles

Unfortunately, rigorous safety practices that apply in a factory or an office tend not to be as strictly applied to motor vehicle use. Companies tend to expose themselves to fines from work safety authorities and potential litigation if they don’t ensure people using company-owned, or their own, vehicle for work take regular eyesight tests. Not […]

Failure to Provide Fall Protection Resulted in Construction Worker’s Death

Following the death of construction worker Kyle Brown, 23, the U.S. DOL’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration found that his employer, Watertown-based general construction contractor MTL Design, Inc., failed to provide adequate fall protection safeguards that would have prevented his death. OSHA has cited the company for a willful and a serious violation. The fatality […]

2 Workers Killed in Coal Mine Accident

Officials from the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration say two workers were trapped and killed in an accident at a West Virginia coal mine. The ground failure occurred around 8:30 p.m. last Monday. The miners’ bodies have been recovered. Brody Mine No. 1 in Boone County is owned by St. Louis-based Patriot Coal. The […]

Keeping Older Workers Safe in the Workplace

Older workers tend to experience fewer workplace injuries than younger workers, according to NIOSH. However, the injuries they do experience can be detrimental and may require more time to heal. Incidents affecting older workers can even be fatal. Employers should make sure that they are keeping older workers safe by using the following tips: • […]

More Cops Have Died from 9/11 Related Diseases Than Those Who Died on 9/11

The number of police officers who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack due to fatal illnesses has now surpassed the number of officers killed in action at the site, according to the New York State Police Officers’ Memorial in Albany. The memorial lists the engraved names of those police officers in NYS who were […]

On-The-Job Safety is No Accident

Occupational health and safety have long been priorities for employers and contractors. However, safety measures aren’t always put into place, leading to a reported 69,000 injuries and illnesses among state and local government workers in New York alone. New York’s injury rate was reported at 7.0 cases per 100 full-time workers, higher than the national […]

Job Site Safety: 12 Hazards that Cause Injuries and Deaths

The workplace can be extremely dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken. It’s also important to be aware of the hazards in the workplace that cause injuries and or deaths. 1. Chemicals: Corrosive chemicals have a variety of uses, including making new chemicals and products. However, chemicals can cause burns to the eyes and the skin, […]