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Georgia Baby Dies after Being Left in the Car

This month a baby in Georgia was left in a vehicle for nearly two hours after the family returned from church. Tragically the 11-month-year-old baby died as a result. According to the county Sheriff “…there was a lack of communication within the three adults. They assumed that one of the others had brought in the child […]

Tree Crashes Down in Bryant Park, 5 Pedestrians Injured

Early this month five people were injured when a 25-foot tree snapped in half in Bryant Park. According to officials the tree was severely rotted. The Parks Department is investigating the matter although a private management company, Bryant Park Corporation manages the park. Every day thousands of people commute through New York City parks. It’s […]

Federal Safety Review: New York & Atlantic Railway

On July 8th a garbage truck collided with a New York & Atlantic Rail, although no one was injured the crash prompted a federal safety review. The review will include railway management, compliance with safety regulations, and certifications of engineers and conductors. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a Railway accident, […]

F.B.I warning: Virtual Kidnapping Scam on the Rise in New York City.

A terrifying new scam is targeting New York City residents warns The Federal Bureau of Investigation and New York City Police Department. People are receiving calls from individuals claiming to have kidnapped a family member. No kidnapping has taken place, but the callers use co-conspirators to add believability to the story. For example a caller […]

New York City’s Pedestrian Fatalities Lowest on Record in 2014

Pedestrian fatalities in New York City fell to a historic low last year following the Vision Zero push to make streets less dangerous. Last year, 132 pedestrians died, the lowest total for a year since the city began keeping records a century ago. In 2013 there were 180 deaths, the highest number in a decade. […]