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Seven New Jersey Workers Injured in Construction Incident

Both OSHA and local Hackensack authorities are actively investigating the construction incident that left seven workers injured on Thursday, December 10th. According to authorities workers plummeted approximately 45 feet to the ground when scaffolding collapsed on Thursday afternoon. Two of the workers are in critical condition. For more information regarding worker safety click here. If […]

OSHA Proposes Over $80K in Fines to Schenectady Recycling Facility

In May of 2015 a worker at Tomra Recycling, a facility located in Schenectady, New York suffered a compound leg fracture after being struck by a forklift. At the time of the incident the worker was operating a baler in a company aisle. According to OSHA the aisle wasn’t wide enough to allow safe passage […]

City Investigators Work to Reduce the Number of Construction Related Deaths

As construction related injuries and deaths continue to rise city officials have begun actively visiting and screening job sites. City investigators are cracking down on any safety infractions, including inadequate jobsite training. Many construction related occupations require OSHA training which is designed to reduce the number of job site related injuries and fatalities. At the […]

“Smart Vest” in the Works

Researchers striving to reduce the amount of construction worker injury and fatalities in highway work zones have designed a state of the art “smart vest.” The “smart vest,” developed by Virginia Tech Researches uses radio sensors to give construction workers sporting the vest a 5-6 second warning before a collision occurs. The technology would also […]

Sanitation Worker Fatally Struck by Garbage Truck

Authorities are currently investigating the death of a sanitation worker who was hit by a garbage truck in Melville, NY. According to preliminary reports the 44 year old worker was on the back of the garbage truck. At some point as the driver of the truck reversed, the worker ended up underneath the truck. Federal […]

MTA Worker Badly Burnt

On Monday, June 15th an MTA worker was installing wire track baskets at the St. Lawrence Avenue stop on the 6 line. One of the baskets made contact with the third rail, leaving the worker badly burnt and temporarily blinded. According to union officials, a supervisor should have laid out protective mat prior to the […]

Fatal Drowning in Westchester County

Late last month in Pound Ridge, NY a White Plains resident was attempting to service a water pump on Blue Heron Lake when he fell out of his canoe. Unfortunately the man was unsuccessful in holding onto his canoe, and drowned. The man was part of a landscaping crew attempting to install an irrigation pump […]

Firefighters Free Workers Stuck on Bridge Suspension

On Friday, May 22nd firefighters came to the rescue of two workers stuck on a piece of lifting equipment. The workers were on the Kosciuszko Bridge, elevated 100 feet off the ground when they became stuck. Workers are in the midst of a multi-year project to construct a new bridge. If you or a loved […]

Oil Spill at Port of Albany

On Tuesday, May 19th 400 gallons of crude oil sludge was spilled in Albany, NY. The spill occurred as workers attempted to pump oil into a containment device. The containment device failed and the product leaked out. Two workers who had attempted to plug the failure were transported to Albany Medical. Spill Response procedures have […]

Coal is the World’s Dirtiest Energy Source

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people die from coal pollution. Millions more suffer from coal-related illnesses. Coal is responsible for over 400,000 premature deaths per year globally and many millions more serious and minor illnesses. In the U.S., coal kills around 13,000 people annually, with workers being at the highest risk of illness. The […]