City Investigators Work to Reduce the Number of Construction Related Deaths

As construction related injuries and deaths continue to rise city officials have begun actively visiting and screening job sites.

City investigators are cracking down on any safety infractions, including inadequate jobsite training.

Many construction related occupations require OSHA training which is designed to reduce the number of job site related injuries and fatalities. At the end of the said training worker’s receive an OSHA card which serves as proof they completed necessary safety courses. When a worker lacks the proper training they put their lives and the lives of their colleagues at risk.

According to a statement from the NYC Buildings department after numerous Scaffold Safety Unit visits several non-trained or inadequately trained workers were found on job sites throughout New York.

Construction can be a particularly dangerous occupation, as an employee it’s your right to assume your co-workers have taken the proper safety precautions to keep both themselves and colleagues safe. If you or a loved one has been injured in a New York or New Jersey construction-related incident contact us today.