General Contractor Held Accountable For Unsafe Place To Work by Sub-Contractor – $850,000 Settlement

General contractors must provide a safe place to work for all sub-contractors. If one sub-contractor leaves a dangerous condition at the construction site and another sub-contractor is hurt, then both the general contractor and the sub-contractor who created the dangerous condition are accountable for the damages caused. Iron workers cannot leave angle irons lying around on construction sites because other subs often are carrying materials or forced to walk backwards and are not always able to see exactly where they are going. That is exactly what happened when our client, a stone worker was carrying the marble stone he was going to install at the Manhattan office building he was working on. As he stepped backward he tripped on angle irons left in the middle of the construction site. Our client seriously injured his back, required surgery, and has not been able to return to performing stone work since the general contractor failed to provide a safe place for him to work. The case was settled before trial for $850,000. The case was handled by Linda Armatti-Epstein, Ed Steves and David Gross.