Taxi Drivers Respond to Mayor de Blasio’s Traffic Safety Plan

In Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to improve pedestrian safety and prevent traffic fatalities, one of his goals is to shut off the taxi meter in the middle of a fare if the driver is speeding. Taxi drivers have responded to this plan rather negatively.

Taxi drivers have been at the center of the debate regarding traffic safety and increased numbers of fatalities around NYC. According to an article from Taxi Workers Alliance, they are retaliating by showing their desire to be a part of the improvement and not be scape-goats in this situation.

Some taxi drivers believe the changes need to be made in our traffic patters and street designs, not by reprimanding taxi drivers. After all, taxi drivers are not the only ones who speed down NYC streets.

Reports have circulated about the TLC considering lowering the fare or shutting off the meter if the technology says the car is speeding.

Taxi drivers believe shutting off the meter in the middle of a fare is severe, cruel and simply unhelpful. “Technology that can truly be helpful should be considered, but this would just be overboard. Drivers already have no guaranteed income, only expenses on the lease, fuel and vehicle repairs. Every statistic shows taxi drivers are the safest drivers in New York City. We don’t deserve to be singled out and punished to do even better.”