Worker’s Compensation Settlement – Amount: $641,000

The law firm of Fine Olin & Anderman has negotiated a record Worker’s Compensation settlement for the family of a man who died while working.  The Workers’ Compensation Board has approved a settlement in the amount of $641,000.00 for the widow and her five children. As a result of the settlement, the widow and her children will have a secure financial future.

Our client, a Rockland County, NY resident, suffered a heart attack while doing construction work and died a few days later.   The insurance company initially refused to accept responsibility for the accident or the death.  After litigating this matter and taking testimony from a number of witnesses, however, the insurance company agreed to the settlement.

In addition to the worker’s compensation case, the widow may also have a claim against a negligent third party.  As a result of the information obtained during the course of the worker’s compensation case, Fine, Olin & Anderman’s sister law firm, Finkelstein & Partners, investigated the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident.  As a result of its investigation, Finkelstein & Partners has commenced a lawsuit against various third parties that may have contributed to or caused the death of the worker. If successful, the widow would be entitled to additional benefits to help support her family.


Attorneys: Vincent Rossillo, Noreen Tuller
Case Manager: Tianna Baxter