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Winter Workers and Keeping Them Safe

Winter can affect hundreds of thousands of workers in our area. Under OSHA, each employer is responsible for providing a safe work environment for their employees and must protect workers from winter storms and hazardous weather conditions. OSHA issued more than 2,500 citations from October 2012 through September 2013. Some citations occur because manufacturers miss […]

Nurses Union Calls on OSHA to Follow Cal/OSHA Ebola Standards

National Nurses United is urging OSHA and state government to help keep nurses and other health care workers safe from the Ebola virus by adopting safety standards issued by the California Division Occupational Safety and Health. Cal/OSHA released updated guidance on November 14th that requires all state hospitals to provide workers who are at risk of […]

Toxic Chemicals Put Salon Workers at Risk

Salon workers are frequently exposed to products that contain harmful chemicals and are linked to certain cancers, reproductive issues and asthma, according to a report from the environmental health advocacy group, Women’s Voices for the Earth. These products contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and ammonium persulfate. More than 60% of salon workers have contracted […]

Coal is the World’s Dirtiest Energy Source

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people die from coal pollution. Millions more suffer from coal-related illnesses. Coal is responsible for over 400,000 premature deaths per year globally and many millions more serious and minor illnesses. In the U.S., coal kills around 13,000 people annually, with workers being at the highest risk of illness. The […]

Airport Safety Starts with Safer Working Conditions

Recent OSHA investigations, enforcement actions, and settlement agreements against aviation contractors and airlines at airports around the country underscore the dangerous nature of airport work and the need for better oversight of private contractors operating at airports across the nation. Ever since the airline and airport outsourcing that began in the 1980s, responsibility for services […]

The Dangers of Asbestos Exposure & What You Need to Know About Mesothelioma

For nearly a century, asbestos was one of the most commonly used materials in construction, shipbuilding, and manufacturing. By the time researchers discovered the negative effects asbestos has on our respiratory system, millions of workers had already been exposed to the lethal material. Exposure to asbestos has been linked several types of respiratory diseases and […]

Attention Builders! Are You at Risk of These Deadly Workplace Hazards?

Here’s a list of the most common construction site hazards and safety tips to help you avoid serious injuries: Falls from Scaffolding or Fixed Ladders: With over 50% of accidents, falls from scaffolding is the number one site hazard in the construction industry. To reduce your risk of injury, stay clear of unstable ladders and take […]

Reducing Workplace Accidents: What Employers Should be Doing

All hazards identified by risk assessment should be addressed. The type of hazard, the degree of risk it poses and the severity of harm that may result vary from workplace to workplace and sector to sector. The following are just some of the issues: 1.    Work Equipment and Plant: Inadequate mechanical safeguards to prevent contact […]

Electrical Safety Tips for the Workplace

Electrocution is one of the leading causes of fatalities in the workplace. Below are five safety tips you should take in your workplace, regardless of weather you work in the construction industry or in an office building: 1.    Be Cautious with Electrical Extension Cords: Extension cords can’t be avoided. Be sure that extension cords are […]

Governor Cuomo Reminds Motorists to Slow Down in Work Zones Following DOT Workers Death

On August 19, Governor Cuomo announced a new video public service announcement to remind motorists to drive safely in construction zones. The PSA comes after a maintenance worker for New York State DOT, Gary Farrell, was hit by a vehicle and killed while flagging traffic in a work zone. “Motorists should always exercise extra caution […]