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Linen Workers Complain of Inhumane Conditions

Employees at a Port Morris cleaning service that delivers linens to some of the city’s fanciest, most expensive hotels say they are continuing to be underpaid and are being threatened while being subject to a dangerous work environment. Workers at Carnegie Linen complain that they are not being granted paid time off while recovering from […]

Preventing Heat-Related Illness in Outdoor Workers

Heat Illness can be deadly! Every year thousands of workers become sick from exposure to heat, and unfortunately some even die. Heat illness is preventable. Employers are responsible for providing workplaces that are safe from excessive heat. Employers should: •    Establish a complete heat illness prevention program to prevent heat illness. •    Gradually increase workloads […]

Worker Fatalities Show Importance of Safety Training

In June 2013, OSHA issued statements regarding citations to five companies where training might have helped save a worker’s life. These real-life examples put emphasis on how important it is to complete safety training and apply that knowledge to the job. 1.    OSHA proposed fines of 157,000 against a plumbing company following a January 16, 2013 […]

The 10 Most Cited Safety Standards of 2013

2013 left us with plenty of workplace citations that occurred across North America, but some were more prevalent than others due to their common occurrence across various industries along with their high-risk of danger. OSHA has cited the following 10 as the most common problems in the workplace of 2013: 1.    Fall Protection: Fall protection […]

East Harlem Building Collapse Highlights America’s Dangerously Old Gas Infrastructure

The deadly explosion in Harlem the other week was said to be caused by a leak in a gas pipe, one part of the nation’s enormous and aging gas system. The leak lead to 8 deaths and injuries in dozens. How old the pipe was and how the leak started remain unclear. Some academics, however, […]

MTA Announces Measures for Customer and Worker Safety

The MTA has announced a series of initiatives to improve safety throughout its operations by strengthening reporting responsibilities and emphasizing on management oversight and installing. The position of Chief Safety Officer will be created. It is a new senior management position to ensure that safety becomes a top priority throughout MTA operations. A new Safety […]

Fire Training: Why is it Important in the Workplace?

Many businesses fail to give sufficient thought to workplace fire safety. In fact, many workers are quite clueless as to what to do to prevent fires and how to react when a fire does break out. Other than the fire drill, most workplaces place little to no emphasis on fire safety. The consequences of workplace […]