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Easy Ways to Ensure Fire Safety in the Workplace

Although fire safety in the workplace is the responsibility of the business owner or employer, there are some simple ways to give you as an employee piece of mind that your company premises is protected in the event of a fire. All workplace premises must have a fire risk assessment carried out to highlight: potential […]

5 Workplace Safety Tips for Today’s Worker

June is National Safety Month so check out these simple safety tips for the average worker!: 1.    Understand the risks involved with the work you are performing. Once you know the hazards involved, you can take the necessary steps to reducing your risk of work-related injury or illness. 2.    Reduce workplace stress. Common causes include […]

Previous Next Prevent Forklift Accidents

There are somewhere between 20,000 to 35,000 forklift accidents every year. It’s important to take the necessary safety precautions when operating heavy machinery. Operating a forklift is a risky job. There are approximately 85 fatal accidents per year. Most injuries and property damage can be linked to three causes: •    Insufficient or inadequate training •   […]

Scaffolding Safety: How to Prevent Falls and Injuries in the Workplace

If scaffolding is not used correctly and if proper precautions aren’t taken, serious injuries or even death in workers can occur. It is critical that managers and supervisors are aware of how to construct a safe working environment for its employees. It’s equally important for you as an employee to understand these safety measures, so […]

Safe Patient Handling Act – a Huge Lift for Safety

Safe patient handling legislation will protect patients and workers from injuries related to lifting, and has the potential to save millions of dollars in Workers’ Compensation costs. The legislation was enacted as one of the highlights of the state budget. It uses engineering controls, lifting and transfer aids, or assistive devices by staff to perform […]

Tips to Keeping Outdoor Workers Safe

Many areas of the country have already experienced temperatures of 90 degrees or more. We remind employees that exposure to heat can cause illness and death so it’s important to take proper precautions when working outdoors this season. 6 Tips for Staying Safe in the Heat: 1.    Learn the Signs of Heat Illness: learn what […]

Chemical Safety Should be Required, Not Just Requested

Many workers have been killed as a result of direct chemical explosion or fire. No matter what the case was, all of these tragedies were preventable. In New Jersey, at least 90 facilities in nearly every county still use highly hazardous chemicals that put the public in potential danger. At least 68 schools are located […]

The Worst Places on Earth to Be a Worker

A new report by the International Trade Union Confederation sheds light on the state of workers’ right across 139 countries. ITUC evaluated 97 different workers’ right metrics like the ability to join unions, access to legal protections and due process, and freedom from violent conditions. The group ranks each country on a scale of 1 […]

Exposure to Organic Solvents and Heavy Metals in Nationwide Industries Related to Hearing Loss in Workers

Noise exposure is a well-known contributor to work-related hearing loss. Recent biological evidence suggests that exposure to ototoxic chemicals such as organic solvents and heavy metals may be additional contributors to hearing loss. Some studies suggest that the effect of noise may be enhanced by ototoxic chemicals. Therefore, this study investigated whether co-exposure to organic […]

Outdoor Workers Have a Higher Than Average Risk of Developing Skin Cancer

The risk of skin cancer becomes greater with increasing amounts of exposure to the sun. It’s a fact that more men than women die of skin cancer and workers in the construction sector are 6 times more likely to develop skin cancer than the general population. UV rays are dangerous and contain carcinogens. They can […]