Trucking Company Held Accountable, $1.6 Million Dollar Settlement

When a trucking company fails to ensure the loads on their trucks are secure they put everyone on the road at risk. Our client was traveling on State Highway 390, outside of Gates, when suddenly the tractor-trailer truck in front of her went under an overpass and an unsecured portion of the truck’s load broke […]

Client Suffers Fall Down Injury on the Job, Receives $1.6 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client, a gas company employee, was at a job site when she slipped and fell on black ice.  Although weather conditions in Chautauqua, where the accident took place are often treacherous in the winter, the property owner had not salted or shoveled the area in which our client fell. Due to the carelessness of […]

Union Member struck by Distracted Driver, Receives $1 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client, a phone company field technician and union member, was leaving a job site in Far Rockaway when another vehicle ran a stop sign, t-boning his work vehicle. The reckless driver who caused the crash was cited for driver inattention/distraction.  Our client suffered serious and painful injuries, including several herniated discs. Fine, Olin & […]

$925,000 Settlement for Union Member Injured in Fall Down Accident

Any worker knows falling from a ladder can have devastating consequences. Unfortunately, that is precisely what happened to our client on a Suffolk County job site. He was working alone on a 15’ foot ladder when he felt the feet begin to slip, sending him crashing to the ground. Before the fall occurred, our client […]

General Contractor Held Accountable For Unsafe Place To Work by Sub-Contractor – $850,000 Settlement

General contractors must provide a safe place to work for all sub-contractors. If one sub-contractor leaves a dangerous condition at the construction site and another sub-contractor is hurt, then both the general contractor and the sub-contractor who created the dangerous condition are accountable for the damages caused. Iron workers cannot leave angle irons lying around […]

$800,000 Settlement Awarded to Worker Injured on Brooklyn Job-site

Our 38-year-old client was badly hurt on a Brooklyn job site. His day started off like any other, at the time of his injury he was a field technician and union-member working on a large construction site. He was walking up a set of stairs when he tripped over silicone tubes left on the stairwell. […]

Truck Driver Receives $730,000 Settlement

Our client, a truck driver, was rear-ended on Dolson Avenue in Middletown, NY. The reckless driver who struck our client failed to slow down even though they were approaching a red light. He was issued several citations, including driver inattention, driver distraction, and following too closely. The force of the impact left our client severely […]

Union Member Injured by Defective Equipment, $725,000 Settlement

Defective equipment is a leading cause of preventable workplace injuries. It is vital that employers remove any defective or worn down equipment that could cause an injury. Unfortunately, our client’s employer failed to provide his workers with safety equipment, and our client paid the price. Our 31-year-old client, a union member and Oswego lineman was […]